SORT on vacation in Spain

November 20- Dec 20

with works from:  Edin Zenun, Leena Lübbe, Emmanuel Troy, & Chloé Royer 

Exhibition Text


Dear Edin, 

We are well, but a little damp. I remember thinking, Spain! warm beaches and the Alhambra, a talk dark and handsome man will deliver me to the farmhouse.Instead it was a woman who kept singing a song in French! She had wispy blonde hair and grey eyes. c’est la vie. 



Chère  Chloé, 

As I sit in the grass I am feeling really conflicted about France. I love that Macron is taking the lead on climate change but the Champs Elysees is burning again, oh no. I hope you are safe and sound. You can always slip over the Pyrenees and join me here. 


- Everyone keeps looking at me like I am some sort of Austrian freak. They also want to talk to me about the Grand Budapest Hotel and Wes and Juma’s show at the Kunsthistoriches Museum. Ich bin ein Bild, wtf… let me stay on vacation. Miss you Emmanuel. 


Hey Leena, 

I’m posted up next to “untitled (for Myles?)” but I can’t see him. He keeps whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it but I’m a party girl anyway. Do you think A might be able to make my nose a little straighter? I’m thinking about a trip to the Maldives in the spring. 


List of Works 

Edin Zen


oil and oilstick on canvas

180x140 cm




Leena Lübbe 

Shrinking bucket 

acrylic on canvas 

 26 x 42 cm. each



Emmanuel Troy


oil on canvas 




Chloé Royer


resin and pigment

variable dimensions.