Do You Have An Innie Or An Outtie? 

Do You Have An Innie Or An Outtie? 

(May 11- June 25 2018)



Kah Bee Chow invited by Martyn Reynolds

Anna Rettl invited by Anna Schachinger

June Hamper invited by Oliver Croy

Peggy Pehl Invited by Kiki Archimbaldi

Antonio Della Corte invited by Vin Della Corte


Thin Lizzy, Dazed and Confused, fresh cut grass, endless summer (not the movie), a Pretenders song; the sensations that I associate with these various artists or themes come to me strongly with Do You Have An Innie Or An Outtie?

The frost of Viennese winter has broken and a May summer, brought by global warming, arrived in late April. 

The lines of the plot are not exactly clear but I asked friends to throw a party.  They knew they had to bring in the out of town talent. I was expecting extra beer and maybe some Chippendales dancers, Tostitos®, and the 100ml bottles of Crodino.

I heard June’s Hamper’s talisman should arrive, Anna wrote a beautiful post card saying she just found some records and oversized inserts from The Lemonheads; Kah Bee emailed to say that “orbs better than ecstasy will roam the winter garden,” whatever that means; and Peggy hired venetian acrobats. I heard the twins from Italy are bringing an inflatable pool. 


Kah Bee Chow

(White Orbs in the hallway)


鬼  (guī guǐ) (turtle ghost)   



Paraffin, beeswax, modelling wax, chipboard, MDF, wheels, glue

32.5cm x 25cm x 25cm, unique



Paraffin, beeswax, modelling wax, pigment, chipboard, plywood, glue

32.5cm x 25cm x 25cm, unique


Anna Rettl 

(hanging paper works)

Torso (hallway next to room)

Heel (hallway next to windows)

coccyx (main room left (pair))

head (main room right (pair))

back (main room (next to the window))


105 x 65 cm, inkjet print and ink on paper


June Hamper

(table with objects)

The Queen With Friends


Table with three sculptures 


Peggy Pehl

(balloons with porcelain figurines) 

Die Harlekine


Balloons, porcelain figurines



Antonio Della Corte



concrete, steal, tubing